I want to help someone

How to help and support a woman around you who lives violence?

  • Install a climate of trust.
  • Express your observations: “You do not seem to be doing well. Would you like to talk about it? I am ready to listen to you.”
  • Ask questions: “I’m worried about you. How can I help you?”
  • Listen without judging.
  • Take a stand: “It’s not your fault, and no one deserves that.”
  • Respect her pace and her choices: “There are people who can help you understand what’s happening to you, and I will respect you, whether you choose to stay or leave.”
  • Confirm that she did well to talk to you about it.
  • If the woman has confided in you, avoid chasing her up in front of other people.
  • Avoid confronting the spouse or former abusive spouse.
  • Talk about resources that can support her, such as Maison Alice-Desmarais.
  • If she is in immediate danger, call the police.
  • If you have any questions, call Maison Alice-Desmarais 450 378-9297.