With accomodation

  • Help, support, information
  • Individual and group meetings
  • Social care and support in various approaches according to the needs (lawyers, policemen, DYP (Director of Youth Protection), search for housing, etc.)
  • Coming into a shelter is the occasion to take a break and review the whole situation and to discuss with other women in a climate of trust and mutual aid.
  • Each is free to come and go, respecting the rules of the house and its confidentiality. There is an assistant on site at all times.

A living environment

Maison Alice-Desmarais welcomes women with or without children who have one thing in common: they live with domestic violence. The House offers women and children a warm and inviting space to share their experience, awareness and resilience through individual and group meetings.

Women who use the shelter’s services can also count on the support of an advisor for help, support and information throughout their stay. They can also be accompanied and supported in their various steps such as: meetings with police officers, lawyers or the DYP (Director of Youth Protection), or for a search for housing.

What to do if you need the support of Maison Alice-Desmarais?

Simply call 450 378-9297 and explain your situation. The worker will question you in order to understand your reality, and be able to give you the best possible support.