Maison Alice-Desmarais wishes to thank the Canadian Women’s Foundation for its sponsorship of $800. Every year for the past 10 years, The Canadian Women’s Foundation made a donation.

The sponsorship comes from proceeds of the annual campaign of the Canadian Women’s Foundation’s to end the violence. Created in collaboration with their partner Winners – Home Sense, the campaign took place during the month of May 2017. To learn more about their annual campaign, visit: http://www.canadianwomen.org/fr/campagneannuelle.

The donation amount comes from the sale of special items Shop for GEN1 and Vignettes at Winners – Home Sense and donations made on an individual basis online.

The campaign raised a total of $1.5 million. A portion of the net sum of money collected is divided into approximately 450 shelters for abused women (which have charitable status with the Canada Revenue Agency), and a portion is used to provide grants to violence prevention by the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

Once again, thank you for your generosity!

The Demois’ailes:

Maison Alice-Desmarais wishes to thank Les Demois’ailes for their contribution to the cause. We invite you to visit their site and read the article about this beautiful mobilization!

Article: http://www.lhebdojournal.com/sports/2017/9/19/les-demois-ailes-versent-81-000-a-neuf-maisons-d-hebergement.html

Site: http://www.defi-des-demoisailes.com/

Maison Alice-Desmarais wishes to thank the Prinoth Employees’ Funds of Granby for their support and generosity. (https://www.prinoth.com/fr/entreprise/)

The PRINOTH snow groomers and commercial tracked vehicles are in pole position on the international scene: maximum productivity, durability, efficiency and all-round design.

At the Back, from left to right: Michel Collin, Michele Henry, Lyne Lazure and Serge Nadeau.
Front row, from left to right: Mario Thibodeau, Carmen Paquin, director of Maison Alice-Desmarais and Nancy Béchard.

Granby, February 15, 2017 – A painting representing the work of nurse Alice Desmarais was presented to Carmen Paquin, director of Maison Alice-Desmarais, Granby, by Marie Legris, nurse.

From left to right: Mrs. Marie Legris, donor; Carmen Paquin, director of Maison Alice-Desmarais, and Monique Genest, multidisciplinary artist.

This painting, created by Monique Genest, multidisciplinary artist from Granby, was created as part of the 150th anniversary of the City of Granby around the project “Female Archetypes of Here”, presented by the CITAV group, in Boréart in 2009. Thank you a lot!

Sunday, January 8th 2017 was the first meeting of the “Bontés Divine de Granby” for the year 2017, year that promises to be rich in conferences of all kinds. Marie-Josée Arel, author, speaker and passionate about spirituality is the one who got the ball rolling with her lecture on the art of shining. An inspiring conference that delighted the participants who learned that when we shine by touching our own light, we shine on others and that is where the little miracles happen every day. This meeting enabled the organization to raise the sum of $500 that was donated to Carmen Paquin, director of Maison Alice-Desmarais, who helps women with and without children living with domestic violence. Thank you all for this beautiful moment!

From left to right: Hélène Giroux, Carmen Paquin and Léon-Maurice Lavoie