Useful links

Domestic violence

Police Service Hotline: 911

SOS Domestic violence

Federation of shelters for maltreated and in trouble women in Quebec

Grouping of houses for women victims of domestic violence

Domestic violence at work

Can we be safe at work when we are not at home?


Government of Quebec

Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services

Immigrant women

Shield of Athena

S.E.R.Y. (Regional Ethnic Solidarity of Yamaska) — Home Page

Information about your rights


Legal bulletin produced by: the Barreau du Québec, the Chambre des notaires du Québec and the Société québécoise de renseignements juridique. The law, your rights

Victims of crime

Center for Victims of Crime (CAVAC)

Compensation for Victims of Crime (IVAC)


Teen Violence

Words without evils


Kids Help Phone

The elderly

Quebec Association of Retirees Defense (AQDR) / SOS Abuse Kit

Lines of listening

Tel listening

514 493-4484

Info-abuse line

1 888 489-2287